May, You Darling You

Hello Dearest Ones!

Thanks so much for stopping by. First, the good news:

TOUGH (my middle grade scifi novel) is now a finalist in the Pacific NW Writers Association (PNWA) Literary Contest. WAAAAHHHOOOOOO!!!

This is a *huge honor* and one that, I'm humbled to say, I've been blessed with before. THE ONE THE EMPRESS HUNTS (middle grade fantasy) was also a finalist in 2013. I had an incredible time that year attending the PNWA conference and left with several requests from agents and editors, happy memories, and one new dear friend.

This year I won't be able to attend the conference because my sweet brother-in-law is getting married to my sweet soon-to-be-sister-in-law and I wouldn't miss their wedding for the world. Still, I'm bummed to miss out on the networking opportunities that come with being a finalist at the conference. I've promised myself to push hard querying TOUGH for the next month or so and to indulge in an extra dessert (preferably something chocolate) at the wedding when the clock tells me that contest winners are being announced back in WA.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a short story for a fantasy collection to benefit Sirens Conference, have submitted a few poems here and there, and am continuing to dabble in a new novel. There is also a secret project in the works with my talented brother, but I'll say no more. ;) There will be time for all these things anon.

In other news, I'll be joining the Board of Trustees at my child's school this fall and I'm excited to launch that work. I'll be scaling back my other volunteer work in order to preserve writing time (and sanity). Our house remodel is fully under way and should wrap up (all digits crossed) in the fall as well. Family and friends are incredible and vital support in all of this. Thank you.

As for my recent writing retreat in Port Townsend & Seattle... I could spend, well, thousands of words trying to capture what it means to me to hang with smart, funny, creative women. Ah, but I could never say enough.

We ferried,

we wrote,

we wandered,



danced in kaftans, howled at the moon,

we ate delicious thalis,

shopped for baubles and boots,

performed, lectured, questioned, hiked, and wandered again.

Some of us got trapped in a lighthouse.

All of us read aloud. None of us slept much. 

Eventually we collapsed back to our separate homes.

We don't get to have such Glorious Howls often, and as our lives continue to change, this kind of trip may be harder to pull off. Thank goodness this one will live on in my memory. I have the kaftan to prove it happened.

My deep thanks to all the Lady Wolves, their families, and my own family who made it possible to have such an experience.

Summer is a step away. What are your plans/ goals/ dreams for the months ahead? Let's do this.

Love and many thanks again,


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