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Following the Line

Hello friends! So far the summer has been chock full of adventures. We've traveled, had visitors, traveled again, dealt (still dealing) with illness, and enjoyed buckets of sunshine.  I'm back at my coffee shop today, briefly, and hoping to return to to querying (for Rain Must Fall), and drafting (new super fun project), and updating this blog, and corresponding with wonderful people and and and... well, to be honest,  picking up the pieces of my work right now is a bit overwhelming.  Because, yes, everything is in pieces. Such is life. Doesn't make it less gorgeous. There are pieces within pieces within pieces. Sometimes bald eagles arrive for lunch and send all the pieces reeling and screaming for dear life. Other times the pieces seem quite stable and connected. Made for each other. Though some bits are quite beautiful and whole in and of themselves. And, er, sometimes toddlers fall to bits just as you are trying to take a family pi