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Hello Sweet Friends, I hope this post finds you well. In our neck of the woods, life carries on with complexity and contradiction. This past month we've dealt with illness, faced new losses, and wrestled with new worries, all while the days have grown longer and the frost has slowly given way to green. I'm looking for small blessings every day. When times are tough, I try to pay close attention to the natural world, to my children and loved ones, and to the art and music that sustains me. If I trust them and cultivate patience, these touchstones continually guide me back to health and peace. In happy news, I turned 40 and celebrated in a variety of ways that left me full of gratitude and love. Theater with My Love Tea with Sirens Fire Dancing with Zairee Plenty of Snugs I also visited dear friends in California for a writing retreat. I can't tell you how much I appreciate my wolfish sisters near and far. They continuall