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The Lady in Blue Update

All is well here. Happy to report that my WIP's first draft is almost finished after a lovely retreat to Port Townsend with the Lindle girls this past weekend. We stayed in a fabulous haunted Victorian inn, wined and dined ourselves silly, and even snuck in a viewing of Philomena at the Starlight Room . Besides getting loads of writing done, my favorite part of the trip was staying up late discussing all the great and terrible questions of our lives. So nice to have the company of smart women. My writing self is deeply in love with Port Townsend, and I'm not alone. Apparently there is quite a large community of artists and writers who live or vacation there, and the area hosts one of the oldest literary conferences in America. In other news, since the start of 2014, I've been volunteering at 826 Seattle . At first I wasn't sure if I'd feel comfortable in an environment so different from the school where I taught for 8 years. It turns out to be a wonderfu