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Sirens 2018

Hello darlings, My Sirens 2018 post is long overdue, but here goes! As usual, Sirens was a blast. This was my sixth time attending and I think, for me, Sirens has recently become more about the people than the conference itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply grateful for the thoughtful way that Sirens opens programming to everyone, and how carefully programming is curated to offer a diverse array of perspectives and topics. I still have plenty to learn and explore when it comes to reading and writing fantasy literature. That said, many meaningful conversations and experiences also happen over meals,  (*Not sure who took this photo.. maybe Rook?! Sorry I swiped it!) in the hallways (in kaftans),  on rambling walks through the grounds,  or back in the hotel room. Speaking of special moments, you might have already heard about my surprise gift from Ysabeau Wilce on Facebook, but if you haven’t