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One Year of Pandemic

(Posted this first on social media, but I'd like to keep it here too.) One year ago was the last day of school for our kids and the first real day of isolation for our family. It's hard to measure what's been lost in a year. Countless gatherings with friends and family. Trips. Hugs. Music and theater and restaurants and festivals and conferences. Celebrations. Jobs. Relationships. Ability to focus. And more than any of this, lives. Real lives of real people who we lost during this global tragedy. My heart truly aches for everyone who endured grief, illness, or other sorrow. Here in Seattle, I'm slowly beginning to feel some change for the better. I know more than a few folks who are already vaccinated (though it seems like it might be months before members of my household qualify). Our schools are also reopening (with massive modifications and precautions in place). But before we rush ahead, I'm counting the gifts of this past year too. More time with my family and