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Hello there, my dearies! I hope, wherever you are, that your winter is slowly departing and making way for boatloads of green.  Seattle is definitely in bloom, as these quick pics will profess: Spring Snowflake Grape Hyacinth Plum Blossom Salmon Berry Blossom Ginormous Cherry Tree! (That's one of my favorite trees in town.)  Besides beautiful flowers, I've also been able to hang with some lovely ladies. Darian, Lola, and I took a quick jaunt to Bellingham, WA to lunch and chat with Kathryn Cottam , Roberta Cottam , and K.M. Tremills . These Canadian ladies are the real deal: kind and creative spirits who are rockin' out creating gorgeous books. It was wonderful to spend some time with them again. I also got to say hello to a couple former students who attend college at Western Washington University. After this silliness, they stole my phone and took about a dozen selfies while I wasn't looking. Their punishment

Rain Must Fall

One of the settings from my current project RAIN MUST FALL. Made for me by talented brother, Chris Bishop. 

California Dreaming

Although I was born in San Francisco, six weeks later my parents moved back to Florida. Miami was home for eighteen years, then Massachusetts, then New York, and now Washington state, where I hope I'll be for a good long time. I used to joke that since I've lived in three corners of the US, I'd likely retire to California. It was a joke because I didn't believe it. I visited California a couple of times, but I never quite understood the allure. San Diego was nice, but the parts I saw were touristy. San Francisco was okay, but it seemed so dense, expensive, and hip. Warm weather? Big deal. Ocean? Whatever. The Pacific is c-c-cold. I've still never been to LA. Huh. But now I get California. Holy smokes, do I get it. I just spent nearly a week with a few of my favorite writer-people basking in the sun and greenery of Marin County, just north of SF, and I don't think I'll ever be the same. I had no idea that such a stunning landscape of grassy