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NYE 2021

I would love to say that we’ve finished off 2021 with a grand adventure, or a peaceful retreat, or some kind of meaningful experience. But really, it’s just been a mess. Par for the course? I can’t claim it’s been all bad. We were supposed to fly out east for Christmas, but a Covid exposure in our extended family (on my partner’s side) canceled our trip. This was horribly sad because we miss our family so much (and I haven’t even met my baby niece who is now one year old, waaaah!), but we were able to salvage Christmas and enjoyed a cozy, sweet, small holiday at home.   I suspect Luna, our sweet doggo, was pleased we didn’t abandon her. We were then surprised by snow the day after Christmas and had lots of fun in the white stuff. On the 27th, the kids and I flew out to rural North Carolina to see a branch of my side of the family. (My partner stayed home to care for our house and dog.) Our travel was delayed and stressful, but we made it to the Smoky Mountains and enjoyed a full two da