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Our Wishing Tree

There's a beautiful urban park near our home that stretches over 186 acres of Pacific NW forest, beach, marshlands, and grassy fields. It's one of our favorite places to visit with our children, as I'm sure it is for thousands of Seattle families. I'm continually thankful for such lush green spaces in our ever-growing city. Even after years of exploration, each time we visit, we discover some new path or area, some new creature or habitat. Our most recent visit revealed this Wishing Tree.  In one of life's many uncanny connections, I was delighted to see this morning that Terri Windling's blog explains the Wishing Tree tradition in beautiful detail. Terri's blog is a source of continual inspiration and poetry for me. I encourage you to explore it further.  I confess, I feel protective of places like this even though I claim no ownership. My impulse is to shield and hide our Wishing Tree from the possible abuses and misuses in might suffer.