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The Oldest Trees

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be a special kind of dreary. The rains and mists and fogs seep slowly into our minds and hearts. Too much time inside seems to yield less accomplished. It's easy to find excuses to stay locked up and cranky, but for the adventurous few, the sodden world outside is more beautiful than ever. Many of our trees are even more stunning in contrast against the grey. They spread wide green arms, bare of leaves but thick with moss, and more lovely for their exposed lengths and curves. At the start of the new year, I took a long walk in one of my favorite parks in Seattle and photographed a few of my favorite trees. Spending time with these trees, especially the oldest ones, reminds me to slow down and notice the life I'm living. I find I take deeper breaths and even stop to rest my head against the bark and moss. Their sleeping shapes remind me to be grateful for the ancient wilds behind. They remind me to be hopeful for new growth ahead

First Poem Published!

Happy to report that my poem, "When the Gunman Comes", is now published in Mythic Delirium , an online magazine edited by Mike Allen. Check out this beautiful cover art!  Photo by Anne Sampson, sculpture by Anita Allen. As I posted on facebook, I can't tell you how much this means to me. I have many, oh so many, of you to thank for your encouragement along the way. Please know that I appreciate every ounce of love and support you've provided, whether through clicks, likes, critiques, comments, or long conversations and hugs. There are a few ways you can read my poem "When the Gunman Comes" online. The *best* way to support this wonderful indie publication is to subscribe here .   Ten bucks will get you four digital or online issues of speculative fiction and poetry. If you'd rather just purchase this issue, it's now available for your Kindle here ! Three dollars for the issue. All proceeds are headed to Mythic Delirium. If you don't have a