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The SCBWI WWA conference was the first true writing conference I have ever attended. I don't know what to say except that it far exceeded my expectations. I think I imagined there would be a few lonely, disgruntled, awkward writers feverishly gathered around an "industry pro" trying to sweet talk them into some kind of contract. Instead, I joined hundreds of authors and illustrators, from every walk of life, and felt a sense of true community and support from all sides. I met novices and pros, young folks and old, agents and publishers, artists and scientists. And in every conversation I felt a kind of kinship. We knew the same dreams and fears. We spoke the same language of love. I don't know how the organizers of this event did it. I am sometimes quick to judge people, especially when I feel small and unimportant myself. I sometimes withdraw if I feel I've been forgotten. And yet, I left the conference with deep respect for the people and presenters there and