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Hello Sweet People! This month has seen floods of activity and social engagement, followed by empty stretches of unscheduled time. It's odd, how each kind of time leaves me longing, just a bit, for the other. Maybe this is just because the tides are more dramatic this time of year. More on that anon. Highlights of the month included a whirlwind trip to Washington DC and New York City to see family and friends. I was able to reconnect with a few of my oldest, dearest friends and, as Piglet says, "to be sure of" them. So sad that I didn't get pictures of everyone, but my need to archive everything is weaker than my desire to be fully present. Here are just a couple of the many beautiful faces I saw: Phoebe Search, Co-Founder of Snugglyland Lindsey Buller Maliekel, Keeper & Giver of the Bicoastal Heart I was also able to squeeze in a bit of time with a few of my new writing friends and heroes. (Again with the no pictures!) I'm pretty much c