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Summer Smoke and Story Fuel

Hello loves, As summer winds to a close, our beloved Pacific Northwest is blanketed in a thick cloud of wildfire smoke. The skies are grey and hazy. The Seattle skyline is a ghost of its former self. The mountains have vanished. Normally this time of year is all blue skies and beach time. We wait patiently through months of mist and rain for our precious summer months. Not this year. Forgive me some theatrics, but I can't help feeling like there's something very wrong, something wicked on the wind. Probably this is more to do with my latest mood and work than anything else, and yet... I recently wrote my first horror piece, a short story titled "Flowers for Gretel Gideon", that will hopefully be published in a Sirens benefit anthology in the coming months. It was surprisingly easy to write and cathartic to share with some of my beta readers (thank you!). More on that when I have info. I've also been working on revising a pre-apocalyptic nove