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October, the Most Wicked Month

Hi loves, It's been a while since I last posted here so I won't try and catch up on everything. If we know each other well, you're already in the loop, and if we don't, well, I suppose you'll be just fine without a blow by blow. All our lives are busy and complicated. All of us only have so much bandwidth to spare. The big highlights were an incredibly beautiful trip to Scotland and Ireland this summer: And lots of social time with good folks once we returned: Now the kids are back in school, the leaves are falling, and my youngest and I recently had a wonderful time camping on Orcas Island with his classmates. Since then, autumn ailments have knocked us down a few rungs, I'm afraid. =/ October looks to be an insanely busy month with lotsa travel. I can't say I'm thrilled about all of it, but I know there'll be plenty of laughter and love throughout. And glitter... more on that anon. ;) T