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New Year, New Hope

Hello Sweet Ones, This past holiday season was truly intense. I'm just now resurfacing and taking a breath. If your winter was also busy and stressful, I hope you're starting to find similar relief. I admit, I spent most of December pretty sick and bone tired. Apologies if I owe you a message. There is a mounting list of obligations I seem unable to fulfill, which is hard for me to confess, but there it is. I have reading to do and email to write and thank you notes to send and I have every intention of getting it all done. One day at a time. I just might be slow. In the meantime, I'm doing my best to fight the good fight. I turned 40 this past month and there's a kind of release I'm feeling... ...this is it! I'm not perfect. Life is not perfect. But I'm full of wonder and awe at the great joy and love in my life, and most of that is tied to good, kind people. And of course, plenty of that wonder is reserved for the beauty