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Little Love

Hello friends, I hope your summer has been joyous and peaceful so far. Mine has been... tumultuous, to say the least. I've had some good solid fun, but there's also been lots of dark difficult news and work. It's only mid-July and I admit I've already caught myself thinking wistfully of fall. A friend posted a meme recently that said something like, "being an adult means starting every week saying to yourself, 'things will calm down after this week'". That hit home. It reminded me to heed the wisdom I've often heard that "this is it". Things aren't necessarily ever going to calm down. Life isn't going to suddenly open up and be free of all pain. Suffering and joy and love and loss are just human. But even in this great big messy now, there's comfort to be found in the idea that we're in it together. We have each other. In this spirit, we had a small adventure here recently that I thought you might like to hear about,