Witches, Warriors, & Sirens

Hello dear ones,

I hope October is treating you well. 

For me, it's not just the month of Halloween, Samhain, and pumpkin patches any more, though I love those things. It's become something else entirely.

October is the month when I most notice the seasons turn, honor the slow death of the year, remember lost lives and loves, and celebrate the mysteries of what I can't know or name.

In October, I usually feel more inspired and more alive, more busy and awake. But I also feel more withdrawn from the fractured bustling world of the headlines and social media. I feel more like taking an extra walk on the beach. Maybe not answering calls or texts. Maybe staying home with a cup of tea.

October is also the month of Sirens. At the end of the month, I get to travel to the mountains of Colorado to talk about literature and writing and womanhood with people I admire and adore. This will be my fifth time attending Sirens and it's become one of the absolute highlights of my year. I …

September Gurl

Hello sweet ones, 
I hope this post finds you well and transitioning easily from summer to fall. 

I absolutely love this time of year. I love the chill in the air and the crackle of early falling leaves, all held by the lingering summer sun and miraculous blue skies. 
I forget that this can also be a difficult time for me. My teaching career was profoundly stressful, but I often miss my students in autumn, I miss my colleagues, and sometimes, not always, I even miss the bustle of busy school days. 
What's more, the tragedies of 2001's September don't seem that long ago. I still have anxiety dreams whenever September rolls around. Occasionally, I feel a sense of dread. Only some of this do I attribute to the normal start of school.

The end of summer this year was particularly hectic. We had visitors nearly all summer (which was wonderful) but I barely had time to think, let alone to write. Then suddenly the guests were gone, my ducklings were off to school, and every bit o…

The Skywatcher & Summer

Hello friends!
Before a summer catch up, I have some happy news: My short story, "The Skywatcher", has been accepted for publication by Mythic Delirium! I'm thrilled. I'll share details as I have them. One fun tidbit is that Mythic Delirium is about to celebrate their 20th anniversary! Mike and Anita Allen are as kind as they are dedicated. I'm so grateful for their support and excited to celebrate them.

Otherwise, summer has been summering. We've hosted lots of extended family over the past month and we also took a brief trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I don't see how I could possibly share all the photos and faces and fun without making this post gargantuan, so here are just a few:
Boys on the peninsula. 
On the ferry. 
Snuggles at home.
Dressed up for a wedding. 
 Favorite meal of the summer.  Fresh caught and fried yellow perch -results of fishing with the famous Captain Grandpa. =)
 Daisies in our front yard.

 Visiting Krab Jab Studio with my mama.


Hello sweet friends,

I hope your summer is off to an excellent start!

Here in Seattle, the days are long but the sun is gentle. It is Outdoor Season and Outdoor Season means we are enjoying ourselves.

That said, this month hasn't been without difficulty. Family health problems and unexpected travels mean that I've been more stressed and worn down than I'd like to be. I've been writing as much as possible, and that helps, but it's a busy end to the school year and, if I'm honest, a hard one. I've needed a few extra beach walks by myself, and luckily, my loving partner makes sure I get this time. I'm grateful.

On a recent beachcombing walk, I found the waterfront absolutely packed with newly released college students and newly drunken tourists. The place was teeming. Not to sound too curmudgeonly, but I prefer an empty beach. Or, you know, one with just a few souls. The racket of a packed beach is... less soothing. So I wandered, a bit blue and bitter, an…

The 2017 Rhysling Anthology

Hi friends, 
Just received my copy of The 2017 Rhysling Anthology and I've spent the morning gawking at it. (I know, I know, I should be writing... but it's so purdy!) 
I can't quite believe I'm in it, but even more stunned to report that Jane Yolen is also in it, who has been one of my literary heroes for a long long time. So.
Here it is, edited by David C. Kopaska-Kerkel, published by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, with beautiful cover art by Liu Junwei.
Copies are still available at Amazon or at the SFPA link above!  Speaking of which, the SFPA is truly doing some wonderful work for poets and SFF writers. If you like such things, it would mean a lot to them to sell more of these books or to receive your small donation. Thank you friends. My love. 

Pacific Places

Hello sweet friends,

Hoping this latest note finds you well. I've been down with a pesky and difficult illness these past few weeks, but I'm finally on the mend. Just in time to get outside, thank goodness.

Bright flowers, abundant green, and patches of blue sky all deserve celebration here in dreary Seattle.

Perhaps you've already heard, but we've had more rain here this winter than in all the 122 years they've been measuring and recording such things. So yay for sun, for color, and for the warming days!

Many of you have been kindly asking me about the status with my agent, Sara Crowe, and TOUGH. No news yet, but I'll be sure to fill you in when I have some. Thanks so much for keeping tabs.

April was chock full of adventures. First, I attended the SCBWIWWA (Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators Western Washington) 25th Conference

I met some wonderful people and enjoyed learning from the distinguished faculty. Highlights included Keynotes…