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Catch up and Querying

Good heavens, July came and went in a blur. Hello friends! In the Luray Caverns, VA, July 2016 I hope this entry finds you well. I've been so busy I hardly know how to sum it all up. I'll let some pictures do the talking. We visited Virginia for a family wedding and left in awe of the summer landscape there: Above and beneath. Happily, the calendar is a bit more clear for the next few weeks. Lots of catching up to do. In writing related news, I'm well into a new WIP.  Having made good progress, I recently set it aside to query query query and query some more. I don't know about you, but sharing creative work can be draining for me, especially when the outcome is a simple yes or no. I'm not always up to the work of querying and it's never my favorite part of the process. When I feel like maybe I can send a few, I jump to it and try to get it done as well and fast as possible. Sadly, I'm slow.  I like to research