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Hello Dear Ones, I hope this post finds you well and gearing up for seasonal festivities. For me, the holiday season looms a bit large. There's so much to do I hardly know where to start, but I'm also excited to visit with family and enjoy some merry merry. My children are pumped, that's for sure. Heh. Speaking of merry, I can happily report that I've been writing much more lately. I was adventuring this summer and then sick this fall, so my productivity was down. If I'm honest, I was also avoiding the hard truth that I have to start over after leaving my first literary agent earlier this year. It isn't a pleasant thought, but after taking time to recover, and soaking in the wisdom of good friends and colleagues, I'm back to work. As winter sets in, I'm also working on trusting my roots. They're complicated, as they should be, but they include my relationships with loving people (yes, you!),  time spent in nature,  my belief