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Lost & Found

It's June and the sun is shining in Seattle. Summer has sometimes been a season of joy and relief, but this year I can still feel the shadow of the pandemic and all that's been lost. My heart's still heavy with worry for dear friends and family who continue to suffer from a variety of health, financial, and relationship problems. Some of these troubles are pandemic related, but some are just life being hard. And yet, and yet... There are new opportunities to see people again, and lots of plans afoot to travel and reconnect. I'm spending more and more time outside, wandering, and daydreaming. I'm enjoying beachcombing and looking forward to exploring new shorelines.  Most of you know that I regularly collect many of the odd bits and pieces I find washed up.  Toys, and sea glass, and bit and bobs of whatever happens to reveal itself.  I always leave the shells and stones, as they feel part of the natural landscape and ecosystem, but I routinely pick up manmade things