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Rebels & Revenants

Dark times call for dark stories. The news cycle has been atrocious lately and I've been in a health funk. Rather than battling off the darkness with sunshine and flowers and decorative gourds, I've decided to sink in. I'm going to spend my October cozied up with gruesome tales of terror and see what comes of it. After all, the veil is thinning... But yeah, okay, there will still be decorative gourds. And dahlias. I mean, I'm not gonna skip out on dahlias just because our government is full of creeps. Right on time for this spooky season, the latest Sirens anthology Rebels & Revenants just arrived in the mail. My story, "Flowers for Gretel Gideon", is about motherhood, rage, and resentment. It's the darkest stuff I've ever written, and as I posted elsewhere, I'm worried about sharing it. But also? Fuck it. (Told you I'm in a mood.) We need more stories about mothers and motherhood and the absurd expectations we have for wome