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The Skywatcher & Summer

Hello friends! Before a summer catch up, I have some happy news: My short story, "The Skywatcher", has been accepted for publication by Mythic Delirium ! I'm thrilled. I'll share details as I have them. One fun tidbit is that Mythic Delirium is about to celebrate their 20th anniversary! Mike and Anita Allen are as kind as they are dedicated. I'm so grateful for their support and excited to celebrate them. Otherwise, summer has been summering. We've hosted lots of extended family over the past month and we also took a brief trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I don't see how I could possibly share all the photos and faces and fun without making this post gargantuan, so here are just a few: Boys on the peninsula.  On the ferry.    Snuggles at home.   Dressed up for a wedding.   Favorite meal of the summer.  Fresh caught and fried yellow perch -results of fishing with the famous Captain Grandpa. =)  Daisies in o