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Witches, Warriors, & Sirens

Hello dear ones, I hope October is treating you well.  For me, it's not just the month of Halloween, Samhain, and pumpkin patches any more, though I love those things. It's become something else entirely. October is the month when I most notice the seasons turn, honor the slow death of the year, remember lost lives and loves, and celebrate the mysteries of what I can't know or name. In October, I usually feel more inspired and more alive, more busy and awake. But I also feel more withdrawn from the fractured bustling world of the headlines and social media. I feel more like taking an extra walk on the beach. Maybe not answering calls or texts. Maybe staying home with a cup of tea. October is also the month of Sirens . At the end of the month, I get to travel to the mountains of Colorado to talk about literature and writing and womanhood with people I admire and adore. This will be my fifth time attending Sirens and it's become one of the absol