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Hello sweet friends, I hope your summer is off to an excellent start! Here in Seattle, the days are long but the sun is gentle. It is Outdoor Season and Outdoor Season means we are enjoying ourselves. That said, this month hasn't been without difficulty. Family health problems and unexpected travels mean that I've been more stressed and worn down than I'd like to be. I've been writing as much as possible, and that helps, but it's a busy end to the school year and, if I'm honest, a hard one. I've needed a few extra beach walks by myself, and luckily, my loving partner makes sure I get this time. I'm grateful. On a recent beachcombing walk, I found the waterfront absolutely packed with newly released college students and newly drunken tourists. The place was teeming. Not to sound too curmudgeonly, but I prefer an empty beach. Or, you know, one with just a few souls. The racket of a packed beach is... less soothing. So I wandered, a bit blue an