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Hello sweet ones, My September has been a beautiful and frustrating month. Our Seattle skies are brilliant blue and our leaves are burning bright, but I've been laid up by a terrible cough and mostly trapped at home. I've stolen a few fun nights and dazzling days, but overall I'm impatient to feel healthy again. Writing can be a lonely affair, even in the best of times, and sickness means that I've had to pass up some opportunities for social gatherings, beach walks, and coffee dates. The good news is I've had a bit of new company... Most of you have already met and/or heard about our beautiful scruffle-pup, Luna. She's a Miniature Schnoodle, a Schnauzer and Poodle mix, and joined us in late July. She's been a bundle of love and trouble ever since. I confess, initially I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. Multiple trips to the emergency vet, house-breaking follies, and constant worry about choking, poison, and digestive hazards made me more