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Lost & Found

It's June and the sun is shining in Seattle. Summer has sometimes been a season of joy and relief, but this year I can still feel the shadow of the pandemic and all that's been lost. My heart's still heavy with worry for dear friends and family who continue to suffer from a variety of health, financial, and relationship problems. Some of these troubles are pandemic related, but some are just life being hard. And yet, and yet... There are new opportunities to see people again, and lots of plans afoot to travel and reconnect. I'm spending more and more time outside, wandering, and daydreaming. I'm enjoying beachcombing and looking forward to exploring new shorelines.  Most of you know that I regularly collect many of the odd bits and pieces I find washed up.  Toys, and sea glass, and bit and bobs of whatever happens to reveal itself.  I always leave the shells and stones, as they feel part of the natural landscape and ecosystem, but I routinely pick up manmade things

One Year of Pandemic

(Posted this first on social media, but I'd like to keep it here too.) One year ago was the last day of school for our kids and the first real day of isolation for our family. It's hard to measure what's been lost in a year. Countless gatherings with friends and family. Trips. Hugs. Music and theater and restaurants and festivals and conferences. Celebrations. Jobs. Relationships. Ability to focus. And more than any of this, lives. Real lives of real people who we lost during this global tragedy. My heart truly aches for everyone who endured grief, illness, or other sorrow. Here in Seattle, I'm slowly beginning to feel some change for the better. I know more than a few folks who are already vaccinated (though it seems like it might be months before members of my household qualify). Our schools are also reopening (with massive modifications and precautions in place). But before we rush ahead, I'm counting the gifts of this past year too. More time with my family and


Hello Friends, I have some fantastic writing news! I've just signed with my new agent, Lisa Abellera of Kimberley Cameron & Associates .  Lisa contacted me after reading and falling in love with BREAKWATER, my speculative fiction about a Miami woman who discovers she's pregnant as South Florida succumbs to climate disaster. Lisa has already impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. I have new hope and excitement about what's to come and can't wait to polish up this project for submission to editors.  In other news, I'm still working and thinking a lot about all the change that's in the air. A new administration (!), new vaccines (!), new routines and adjustments to keep us all safe, and now, this brand new relationship and opportunity in my writing life. 2020 was a year of drastic change and loss, but 2021 is looking more and more like a time of change that heals, enlivens, and invigorates. Still, it's change, and that requires ene