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Sirens 2015: Rebels & Revolutionaries

I recently attended my third  Sirens Conference and am happy to report it was another powerful and life-affirming experience. For those of you who may not have read about this conference here before, Sirens is a small boutique conference for and about women in fantasy literature. This year,  Darian and Lola (my dear writer-sisters) traveled with me to Denver, Colorado. I’d been volunteering a bit for Sirens over the course of the year and though I knew the conference had been planned carefully, I still worried that it would somehow not live up to my hopes and past experiences. I need not have worried. Warning: This post is long because it is primarily for my own records and for other curious Sirens attendees. Certainly, if you’re interested, feel free to scan and browse. This post doesn’t need to be read start to finish, but I highly encourage you to click on some of the links to the wonderful presenters and Guests of Honor who attende d this year. Thursday: We arrived,