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Hello dearest ones, Hard to believe that summer is already fading, but the first signs of fall are stirring in Seattle. I love this time of year, but truth be told, I love just about all our seasons, except for latest winter. In writing news, I've finished my first draft of a new project and am really happy with it. I'll post about it here when I'm ready (most of you have already seen some news on facebook or twitter). In the meantime, I'm returning to other projects and the important business of querying for RAIN MUST FALL. I'm also trying to remember to be patient. After finishing a draft, I often want to rush ahead to revisions and sharing and editing and querying and and and... but what I really need is perspective, rest, and rejuvenation. The seed is planted. One day it might grow into something wonderfully wild and strange. For now, best to be still. Best to look for hidden everyday treasures. Best to turn my attentions elsewhere while I wait.

Everyday Magic

Hello sweet people!  Summer continues to wind and slink her way through Seattle. She's an exceptionally dry and scaly creature this year, but still friendly and fun to handle. This past month I've been busily drafting my new project (spaceships! music! lizards!) and spending loads of time outside with my family. I also attended the PNWA Writing Conference and met many new folks who I'm excited to learn more about in the future. All in all, I can't complain. It's been a good month and I'm grateful. I haven't been querying as ferociously as I should be for Rain Must Fall, but I confess that I needed a break from that endeavor. It can wear a girl down, to be sure, even though I've only begun to scratch the surface of the process. When I'm not busy at my desk, or with my kids, I sometimes wander around Seattle on my own, looking for bits of beauty to share here or on social media, or to collect for future inspirations. I don't know much about p