In the Weeds

Hi loves,

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying your summer. It's been an incredibly busy time for my family. We've traveled, hosted beloved guests, celebrated the end of school, and attended several fun-filled events. In fact, our frenzied pace doesn't show signs of slowing any time soon. I'm writing now from the skies, on my way to Santa Fe to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday. One of a few more celebratory trips scheduled for the next month.

In between the big shiny happenings of the summer, I've been revising a novel, helping friends with their writing projects, and considering next steps in my own creative career. Not all of this has been easy.

You might remember that I signed with my first agent in March 2017. It was a thrilling and joyous experience. I'm still grateful for the energy and hope that opportunity sparked. Unfortunately, our relationship didn't work out and I chose to terminate my contract this past week. It was a difficult decision and one that I couldn't have done without the incredible support of my writing community. I'm truly grateful, especially to those of you who comforted me in the darker moments of that process. I'm hopeful that better opportunities lie ahead.

In the meantime, I'm remembering that it's easy to be attracted to the bright colors and exquisite blooms of popular success.

And while it's hard to turn away from these well kept glories, there's plenty of beauty to be found on the underside of things,

and in the lesser known, wilder paths of the world.

Truth is, I'm content to be back in the weeds.

I still have so much to learn and plenty to write.

I'm working to find my village of readers, and that means finding the right agent, the right publisher, and the right time for my stories. It's hard to be patient.

It's harder still not to jump at every offer of success.

But I'm working to slow down and enjoy where I am,

to write to the absolute best of my ability,

to cultivate the relationships that most matter to me,

and to live and love in this wonderful, difficult, ever-changing world.

I'm sending great love and strength to all of you this summer. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and checking in. More soon.  xo -Edie


Unknown said…
Proud of you for making hard decisions that set you on a more true path.
Anonymous said…
Weeds are beautiful. Be it their resilience, color (bright and neutral) or the ability to completely envelop their surroundings, Weeds offer us a depth and authenticity not otherwise found in “the blooms of popular success.”

PS – my favorite is the sweet pea.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous and inspiring post - thank you.
Jennifer Adam said…
Such a wise, beautiful, thoughtful perspective. All the love and luck to you!
Paul Didier said…
Hey Edie!
Such a lovely post about making a very difficult decision. I'm sure it wasn't easy since I now realize, through you, that just getting an agent isn't so easy in the first place.

I know that sometimes having a friend point out "the good stuff" despite the "bad stuff" isn't so helpful in the moment (but in the long run, I do believe it is helpful).

So I feel the need to say that I admire your commitment and artistic work ethic so much. Many of us dream and fantasize about writing a 'single' book. You, my good friend, have written several. And since you've honored me with allowing me to read much of your work, I sincerely can attest to the excellence of you craft and creativity.

When it's also said and done, you can honestly say that you are a writer, an author, a pen-wielder extraordinaire, whatever you'd like to call yourself. And yes, I admit to wanting more commercial success for you too!!

Thank you all so much for your comments and support. I've said it before, but I count myself profoundly lucky to have such kind and thoughtful people in my life. You make such a huge difference.
Nivair said…
I love this post, Edie! Thank you so much for sharing! This sounds like such a hard decision you just had to make, but it also sounds like the right one. A lot of what you said about finding your audience was stuff I needed to hear, too, so I really appreciate that. As long as we're still writing, we're living the dream, right? :)
Anonymous said…
That was beautiful and touching and so well-put. And true! I relate a thousand times over. Writing is so lonely and it's so hard to keep the faith sometimes. But yes, it's all about that less-travelled path and staying true to ourselves, or at least that's what I tell myself. More will be revealed! You are a gifted, beautiful special soul. Keep writing.
Colleen (McGuinness)
Thanks also to Nivair and Colleen! You are both people I deeply admire. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Love love love.

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