Banner Week

It was a great week.

I was able to find writing time five days in a row! No, wait, maybe you didn't see that : FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. (This is not something my other commitments make possible all that often.) It was better than Christmas. With chocolate. And bourbon.

My new project is based on an idea that has been brewing for almost twenty years... odd, but true. Now I am finding it hard to do things like drive because I'm so fired up.

In the meantime, I also submitted a few chapters of The One the Empress Hunts to the PNWA literary contest, received a couple of hopeful emails from potential agents (knocking on wood ***), and bought tickets for New York City in April.

Small victories, deep breath.


Anonymous said…
5 days in a row? Awesome!

And bought tickets to New York???

Maybe I'm too jealous to visit here again.;D

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