Spring Plans

Today is one of those glorious days that inspires the moving of furniture, the skipping of feet, and the dreaming of big, bold, sun-soaked dreams. 

I spent the morning frolicking with my son in the new Spring and rearranging a little used and often abused corner of our kitchen. And now, the children are napping, and I am seated in a coffee shop window, sipping chai and preparing to dive back into my new novel.

I should be grading and planning and doing all sorts of teacherly work, and I do have some guilt about that, but mostly I am just feeling grateful for this weather and my fortune. There is still no major news on the publishing or agent front, but I remain hopeful about a couple exciting leads. Fingers crossed.

In other news, I recently signed up for the SCBWI WWA conference in April, met with a kind and kindred spirit (thank you Kelly!) who shared her writing-world knowledge with me, and batted around the idea of starting a new critique group with my longtime writing partners, Darian Lindle and Laura Lindle. 

I also attended another meeting of the Teacher/ Writer group I mentioned on my Projects page. The creative non-fiction collection we are writing together is starting to take shape and I am getting more excited about that work.

Also, thanks to Nathan Bransford, I wasted some time here: Make your own Pulp Magazine Cover.
Here are the fruits of my labor: 
You're welcome. 


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