So much going on lately, I can hardly believe it! I sat back the other day and realized I have never had this much writing-related activity in my life before. And I love it. Here's a quick break down:

SCBWI WWA Conference: April 19-21
This event is fast approaching. Should be exciting to learn more about the craft of writing for children and the community of kid lit people in this area!

John Crowley Writing Workshop: May 12
Signed up for this one day writing workshop through Clarion West. It is taught by one of my favorite fantasy writers of all time. What an awesome way to spend Mother's Day!

PNWA Conference: July 24-28
Signed up for this large conference this summer. It sounds like it may be a bit of a writing "meat market", but I'm not afraid of such things... yet. I think I'll probably get very nervous when this event gets closer. There are lots of interesting workshops available, and the obligatory pitch-fest. We'll see. I will definitely blog about my experience.

New Work in Progress: Pacific Northwest Love Story
Don't yet have a working title for my new book, but am starting to get very excited about it. I think it is for adults, but it might be YA. I've roughly outlined most of the plot and have written a few thousand words. I am not far along, but feeling inspired and fired up! Looking forward to this summer's writing extravaganza.

New Critique Group
My long-time writing partners, Darian and Laura Lindle, and I are finally banding together with two other writer friends to start our own critique group. We have been unofficial for a long time, but our first official meeting is this coming weekend!

Teacher/ Writer Group
Meeting again in a few weeks with my colleagues in this group. We are writing a collection of creative non-fiction pieces focused around the realities of teaching that tend to get less airtime. My first piece is about death and loss. What happens when, as a teacher, I am faced with the sudden death of a student. This is difficult but important writing and the folks who I am working with are wonderful.

New Online Chat Group- Recently started a small private chat group with a couple of other women writers. We chat about every other week about writing related news and concerns. It is a totally new endeavor, but so far refreshing and supportive!

And that's all she wrote. What's happening in your creative world?


Adelle said…
Sounds great! I read The Emperess and The Queen and LOVED it. How did the re-write go? Am in the habit of reading every night now, so I have run out of books. (Even with all my bookshelves double stacked!) Am currently reading Christopher's beautiful illustrated copy of The Yearling- fun. I plan to re-read the Emperess and The Queen afterward. It was right up my alley - pirates, fairies, magic, adventure. :)
Thanks so much Adelle! I am curious about which version you read... I will happily send you the newest draft ASAP. And yes, that copy of The Yearling is beautiful. I loved that book when I was a kid.
Barbara said…
Speaking of the newest draft -- is there a copy for me?? I read the second version and really enjoyed it. Would love to see what changes you made and how it is going. I do love your writing1

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