*TOUGH was a finalist in the middle grade category of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) 2016 Literary Contest.

TOUGH is middle grade science fiction that could be characterized as BILLY ELLIOT in space. DeAndre Daw is a sensitive twelve year old musician living in an impoverished city on a desert moon. His parents and peers expect him to hunt, work, and fight to survive his harsh world, but Dee’s true passions are his homemade mbira (a musical instrument), and his pet lizard. After a hunting accident on the nearby forest moon, and an encounter with scrap thieves, Dee is framed for a vicious crime and sent to prison. In this dark place, Dee learns his music has more influence than he imagined. He plays, survives, and is eventually released. Dee’s father mistakenly believes that his son has finally learned to be “tough” and takes him on another hunt. This time, Dee must face his father and the hunting party if he hopes to save his music, his friends, and one magnificent forest creature who answers the call of Dee’s music. The manuscript is complete at 36,000 words.

Rain Must Fall

Image by Christopher T. Bishop

RAIN MUST FALL is a contemporary romantic fantasy love story set on the rocky, weed-strewn beaches of the Pacific Northwest. The story follows three friends with psychic abilities: Elian, who can see alternate timelines; Valerie, who can dream share; and Sam, who has frustratingly limited telekinesis. Elian and Valerie fall in young love, but their combined powers breed fear and suspicion. Valerie eventually marries another man, and Elian, utterly devastated, is forced to accept her departure. When she returns years later, single and haunted, the three friends struggle to forgive, trust, and love again. 

Part fantasy, part love story, part coming of age tale, RAIN MUST FALL is complete at 80,000 words and was inspired by the works of authors such as Alice Hoffman, Jeanette Winterson, and Mary Rickert.

The One the Empress Hunts 

Image by Christopher T. Bishop

Avalin, age twelve, is not a princess, not the chosen one, and not particularly gifted. She knows a thing or two about apple trees, and a bit of healing magic, but otherwise, she doesn't really feel all that special. When her home is viciously attacked by a cruel, grief-stricken Empress, Avalin escapes and is suddenly assumed to be THE ONE THE EMPRESS HUNTS. Avalin knows in her heart she isn't "the one". She only wants to rescue her cousin and return home, but along the way she will thwart pirates, meet mermaids, befriend fae, battle monsters, and discover a secret that could be the Empress’ undoing: even if Ava is not "the one", she can still wield an ancient magic that may end the war.

THE ONE THE EMPRESS HUNTS is a middle grade, feminist, high fantasy. This manuscript is complete at 85,000 words and serves well as a stand alone, but could have series potential.

I’m honored to say THE ONE THE EMPRESS HUNTS was a finalist in the middle grade category of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) literary contest in 2013.


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      *This poem was nominated for a Rhysling Award in January 2017.

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