Summer Update

Hello there! Summer has flown by and I’m enjoying the slow change of seasons here in Seattle. September is likely my favorite month because of things like this:

and this:

and this:

It’s been divine to spend more time writing this time of year. I don’t miss fretting about the start of school, but of course I do miss my students, co-workers, and the bustle and energy of teaching life.

Still, I’m taking better care of myself than I have in a very long time, and finding that I really do have something to write about every day. I’m well into my new WIP and am still following leads on behalf of TOTEH. Here are some other exciting happenings over the past month:

Writing Retreat- Took a lovely mini-break with Darian and Lola to their parents’ house in Mill Creek. It was just the right amount of writing and relaxation. And I dyed my hair blue. (Because that’s what’s supposed to happen at slumber parties.)

Critique Group- Met with my ladies of the pen again and had some great conversations about our work. 

Online Writing Chats- Continuing to cherish this support. One of the ladies in this group, Kelly Jones, recently sold her first book to Knopf! More on that as she gets closer to publication.

World of Myth and Magic – Visited the EMP’s fantasy exhibit with Darian for her (belated) birthday. It was AWESOME. Highly recommended. 

Queen Anne Book Company – Visited this fantastic indy book store and chatted with one of the (incredibly sweet) booksellers there. Another enthusiastic recommendation.

And that about sums it up! 

Upcoming Events:
Hobbit Day – May I never be too cool for Hobbit Day.

Sirens Conference- Just a few weeks away! Yippee!!


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