Autumn Returns

Hello there! Hope your summers were good to you. All is well here in Seattle. It’s been a long and full few months and now we’re here, at the edge of autumn, and I’m reminded why this is my favorite season. There’s no end to the beauty of the trees and skies of September.  When I taught public school I had such little time to notice the colors of this particular month. Now I spend part of every day being grateful for my new freedom and perspective. I walk outside at every chance. I daydream.

In writing news, I’ve signed a contract for my first ever short story sale! I’m new to this process, so I’ve been slow to announce anything specific, for fear of jinxing it. In that spirit, I’ll keep the details hush-hush for the moment. However, I will tell you that I expect my pub date to be in October or November of this year. (Fingers crossed!) When I get more confirmation and info I’ll be sure to crow it from the rooftops.

Drift, my new novel, has been fully revised and is out now to my last (maybe) round of beta readers. I’m nervous and excited and chomping at the bit to start querying agents, but I want to be sure that it’s (and I’m) truly ready. In the meantime, I’m researching agencies and editors, catching up on my reading, generating a boatload of new story ideas, working on a variety of synopses, and trying not to bite my fingernails. Because, gross.

I’ve also been busy with Family Stuff (children starting school), guests (so many wonderful people), and mini-trips. We visited Seabrook way out on the west coast of the Olympic Penninsula and I found my retirement home there:

Fellow sea witches welcome.

And another trip westward which resulted in evenings like this:

Looking forward to all kinds of writing happenings in the next few months. In particular, Sirens and possibly World Fantasy Con in DC. Until then, I'll be wandering the world and busy with words. Thanks for reading!


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