The 2017 Rhysling Anthology

Hi friends, 

Just received my copy of The 2017 Rhysling Anthology and I've spent the morning gawking at it. (I know, I know, I should be writing... but it's so purdy!) 

I can't quite believe I'm in it, but even more stunned to report that Jane Yolen is also in it, who has been one of my literary heroes for a long long time. So.

Here it is, edited by David C. Kopaska-Kerkel, published by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, with beautiful cover art by Liu Junwei.

Copies are still available at Amazon or at the SFPA link above!  Speaking of which, the SFPA is truly doing some wonderful work for poets and SFF writers. If you like such things, it would mean a lot to them to sell more of these books or to receive your small donation. Thank you friends. My love. 


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