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Hello sweet friends,

Hoping this latest note finds you well. I've been down with a pesky and difficult illness these past few weeks, but I'm finally on the mend. Just in time to get outside, thank goodness.

Bright flowers, abundant green, and patches of blue sky all deserve celebration here in dreary Seattle.

Perhaps you've already heard, but we've had more rain here this winter than in all the 122 years they've been measuring and recording such things. So yay for sun, for color, and for the warming days!

Many of you have been kindly asking me about the status with my agent, Sara Crowe, and TOUGH. No news yet, but I'll be sure to fill you in when I have some. Thanks so much for keeping tabs.

April was chock full of adventures. First, I attended the SCBWIWWA (Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators Western Washington) 25th Conference

I met some wonderful people and enjoyed learning from the distinguished faculty. Highlights included Keynotes by David Small, Laurie Ann Thompson, and Kazu Kibuishi. I also attended breakout sessions by Jessica Anderson, of Christy Ottaviano Books, Alison Weiss of Sky Pony, and Laurie Ann Thompson. 

I learned, among other things, about the life of a middle grade manuscript after acquisition and about the fascinating genesis of graphic novels such as Stitches and Amulet. My son and I are big fans of Kazu Kibuishi, so it was a special treat for me to learn that he is a profoundly kind person, generous with his wisdom, and humble about his success. And he and his family live nearby in the Pacific NW! Happy news.

As always, thank you so much to the faculty, volunteers, Advisory Committee, and attendees for making my conference experience wonderful.

After the conference, my family and I took Spring Break in Cannon Beach, Oregon. All I need to say about this trip is that it was beautiful. Blustery to be sure, but beautiful.

We returned, I got the sniffles, but then I bounced down to LA for a wedding and a visit with my exceptionally talented brother, Christopher T. Bishop. Another beautiful trip. I got to see beloved friends,  flop on the sunny beach,  and... meet one of my all-time heartthrobs, Nathan Fillion (alas, no pic)! It was grand.

Sadly, I left LA much sicker than when I'd arrived. I spent the next couple of weeks in bed.

So. That was April. May is looking up. So much to be grateful for. So much to hope for.

Of course, the world outside turns with frightening speed and I continue to worry about the future my kids will know. The only thing to do is get back to work.

Much love to you and yours. Thank you, as always, for swinging by. <3


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