Witches, Warriors, & Sirens

Hello dear ones,

I hope October is treating you well. 

For me, it's not just the month of Halloween, Samhain, and pumpkin patches any more, though I love those things. It's become something else entirely.

October is the month when I most notice the seasons turn, honor the slow death of the year, remember lost lives and loves, and celebrate the mysteries of what I can't know or name.

In October, I usually feel more inspired and more alive, more busy and awake. But I also feel more withdrawn from the fractured bustling world of the headlines and social media. I feel more like taking an extra walk on the beach. Maybe not answering calls or texts. Maybe staying home with a cup of tea.

October is also the month of Sirens. At the end of the month, I get to travel to the mountains of Colorado to talk about literature and writing and womanhood with people I admire and adore. This will be my fifth time attending Sirens and it's become one of the absolute highlights of my year. I can't wait to lay eyes on the dear friends I've made there, and I hope to meet some new folks too. I'm so very lucky to have opportunities like this. In October, I count blessings.

To honor Sirens this year, several kind volunteers donated an immense amount of skill and time to create a benefit anthology of stories around the theme "Witches & Warriors". I'm honored to say that one of my stories, "The Nine Trials of Ullah Du", was accepted and published! It's a rare feeling, but I'm proud of this one. I truly am. I hope, if you have the time and interest in reading it, that you'll let me know your thoughts. I'm so curious how this little tale will land (or flop) with readers.

You can buy this collection here as an e-book for $5, or have your own paperback from Amazon in a few days. Copies will also be for sale at Sirens itself. (Bonus: several good friends also have stories inside and I've had a sneak peak: they are awesome!)

**All proceeds from any sale will benefit The Sirens Conference. I assure you, this is a wonderful organization that celebrates the work of women in fantasy literature.

So thank you, if you're able to purchase my story. And thank you for reading this far. And thank you for being you. I hope the rest of your October brings you good things. 💙



Barbara said…

Your story was wonderful! I was sorry to have finished it, but that means I enjoyed every page. Your descriptions are so precise. I apologize for not knowing the correct words for this comment. Suffice it to say, I loved it.

The pictures in this blog post are like your descriptive phrases -- they take my breath away.
Thank you so much, Barbara! I appreciate the kind words.

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