Hello sweet ones,

My September has been a beautiful and frustrating month. Our Seattle skies are brilliant blue and our leaves are burning bright, but I've been laid up by a terrible cough and mostly trapped at home. I've stolen a few fun nights and dazzling days, but overall I'm impatient to feel healthy again.

Writing can be a lonely affair, even in the best of times, and sickness means that I've had to pass up some opportunities for social gatherings, beach walks, and coffee dates. The good news is I've had a bit of new company...

Most of you have already met and/or heard about our beautiful scruffle-pup, Luna. She's a Miniature Schnoodle, a Schnauzer and Poodle mix, and joined us in late July. She's been a bundle of love and trouble ever since.

I confess, initially I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. Multiple trips to the emergency vet, house-breaking follies, and constant worry about choking, poison, and digestive hazards made me more than a little frazzled. Having a puppy, it turns out, is HARD WORK. Of course it is. In my personal experience, it's not as difficult psychologically as caring for a human infant, but it's still terrifying and exhausting.

Despite all the tumult, in the short two months she's been with us, Luna has endeared herself completely and become a central part of our family. My children adore her, my partner (who wasn't sure about this whole endeavor to begin with) delights in her antics, and for me, she's the companion and snugglebug I hoped she would be.

She naps with me when I'm sick,

lounges near my chair when I write,

reminds me to take it slow on walks in the sunshine,

and is a total goofball and distraction when she plays or decides to, er, speak her mind. (Right now I hear her and an angry squirrel in animated dialogue.) I love her dearly.

I even love her when she's digging up my garden or chewing on my favorite Mary Janes. Which is often.

I owe my adventures in pupdom in large part to two writers I love and admire: Ysabeau Wilce and Terri Windling-Gayton. Terri's writings about and photography of her furry companion, Tilly, have always warmed my heart and reminded me of the importance of sharing our human lives with animals. Ysa's love of dogs is one I've been lucky enough to witness in person, and it's catching. Her own beloved Bothwell passed away recently, but remains the best dog I ever met. Her corgi is an adorable storm of fluff and faerie dust. My thanks to both of these women for helping me find my way to Luna, our newest love and inspiration.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! xo -Edie


Feather said…
Of course you know that you have my paw print of approval (not that it matters ) to the entire pup appreciation post
Love you, your writing ... and you're silly little dog too!!!

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