Twisting Heart, Winding Ways

Hi friends,

Had such a strange day today.

from The Skylark by David Cox
Summer Solstice here was intense and beautiful and difficult. I heard good news, troubling news, and everything in-between. My heart feels all twisted and tight.

In an attempt to ground myself, I visited the Seattle Art Museum to see the Victorian Rebels exhibit on the women and men of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. It was truly beautiful and loosened me, gently. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Victorian Evening Gown

I couldn't help thinking of Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner,  Terri Windling, and Cortney Skinner much of the time, since my "Hell's Pre-Raphaelites" biker jacket is part of their shared history. Like the remarkable souls featured in this exhibit, I'm grateful to these luminaries for setting examples of artful and art-full lives. 

The Keepsake by Kate Elizabeth Bunce

Detail from The Keepsake by Kate Elizabeth Bunce

Speaking of art, I'm nearing completion on the 1st draft of my 6th novel, with just a few chapters to go. I have revisions to do on the 5th novel, and am considering polishing the 3rd for a round of querying. I'm also playing with a series of bandit love songs while we slowly record the last of the mermaid album.

Musica by Kate Elizabeth Bunce

No big publishing news, I'm afraid, but I did have a short fantasy story accepted to another Sirens benefit anthology. I'm grateful and hopeful that a year from now I'll be farther along this winding path.

The Long Engagement by Arthur Hughes

As always, I'm sending love to each and all. I hope this post finds you enjoying your solstice, or the sunny summer beyond.



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