NYE 2021

I would love to say that we’ve finished off 2021 with a grand adventure, or a peaceful retreat, or some kind of meaningful experience. But really, it’s just been a mess.

Par for the course?

I can’t claim it’s been all bad. We were supposed to fly out east for Christmas, but a Covid exposure in our extended family (on my partner’s side) canceled our trip. This was horribly sad because we miss our family so much (and I haven’t even met my baby niece who is now one year old, waaaah!), but we were able to salvage Christmas and enjoyed a cozy, sweet, small holiday at home.


I suspect Luna, our sweet doggo, was pleased we didn’t abandon her.

We were then surprised by snow the day after Christmas and had lots of fun in the white stuff.

On the 27th, the kids and I flew out to rural North Carolina to see a branch of my side of the family. (My partner stayed home to care for our house and dog.) Our travel was delayed and stressful, but we made it to the Smoky Mountains and enjoyed a full two days of family, food, and an epic new treehouse. My dad had been very sick earlier this year, so it was especially good to see him on the mend.

My kids had a wonderful time, and the trip was a success. And then… our flights home were canceled. Whether this was due to a recent (and horrible) nationwide spike in Covid cases, or if this was because of continued snow in Seattle, we don’t know. But there were no flights available within two or three days out of Asheville. So, we made new plans.

The kids and I drove to Charlotte, stayed in a new hotel, and are now attempting to make our way home, via Newark, on New Year’s Eve.

Typically, I would sum up, reflect, and philosophize about how the year has been. How my kids have grown. What I’ve learned.  What I'm writing and hope to write soon. But I’m bone tired from single parenting while traveling, and I’m deeply worried about the pandemic among other matters. We saw too much that was grim and sad on the road, and there’s more of the same waiting in Seattle. I’m also tired from navigating the complex relationships in my life and from attempting to maintain that ever-elusive patience.

I probably need a couple good cries. Some therapy. Some long walks on the beach and in the woods. I could use a hug.

Maybe you do too. Maybe that’s all the summing up there can be for now.

Thank you for stopping by my little nook of the internet. May the new year grant us all renewed energy, brighter days, bountiful patience, and love. Always love. xoxo - edie


Darian said…
Seattle missed you, but I'm glad you were able to salvage some of your family time. I love the photos.

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