A List

Day 25. Today's poem is just a list, but it's a list of DELIGHTS.

By Edith Hope Bishop, April 2023

A warm cup of chamomile tea with honey.
Butt-dialing a friend and getting to hear their surprise and delight when you explain.
Extra time when on a tight deadline.
Friends who somehow know what to say and say it.
Grape skittles.
Heated blankets and cocoas after walking home in the rain.
Interesting and readable short essays on bizarre science facts.
Just breathing.
Kindnesses you weren’t expecting: a letter from a distant friend, a stranger’s compliment, a pre-paid toll or coffee, a door held open.
Love. All of it.
Music that makes you feel like dancing.
Nights like tonight.
Opening presents.
Playing instruments.
Quiet mornings after busy adventures.
Stories for all occasions, but especially those that need courage.
Telling someone exactly why you love them and knowing they heard (and believed!) you.
Uncovering the answer to something you’ve been puzzling over for days.
Very flattering outfits.
Watering all the plants.
Xtra legroom on a long flight.
Your favorite place to sit and watch the rain.
Zillions more moments and details, all yours.


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