Hello there, my dearies!

I hope, wherever you are, that your winter is slowly departing and making way for boatloads of green.  Seattle is definitely in bloom, as these quick pics will profess:

Spring Snowflake

Grape Hyacinth

Plum Blossom

Salmon Berry Blossom

Ginormous Cherry Tree! (That's one of my favorite trees in town.) 

Besides beautiful flowers, I've also been able to hang with some lovely ladies. Darian, Lola, and I took a quick jaunt to Bellingham, WA to lunch and chat with Kathryn Cottam, Roberta Cottam, and K.M. Tremills. These Canadian ladies are the real deal: kind and creative spirits who are rockin' out creating gorgeous books. It was wonderful to spend some time with them again.

I also got to say hello to a couple former students who attend college at Western Washington University.

After this silliness, they stole my phone and took about a dozen selfies while I wasn't looking. Their punishment is that I publish one of those photos here! HA! (Seriously, though, I love them both so much.)

Then, just last week I flew to Colorado to help plan for this year's Sirens Conference (incidentally where I met the writer ladies above). If you're curious, I've written about Sirens here and here. During this trip we got to tour the facilities for 2015 at the Inverness Hotel in Denver:

Plenty of sunlight and cozy seating. 

It was great to be there and look ahead to October, but it was also good to come home to Washington and be with my family. My little one has been sick, so there are plenty of Mama-duties at the moment, not to mention all the agent research I want to accomplish as swiftly as possible. Oh, and there also might be a new writing project brewing already. (!) 

I can't seem to let myself rest for long. There are too many stories that need telling.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all are well. I'd always love to hear from you in the comments or in a personal message. The internet can feel like a strange, lopsided place to me. =p


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