Natural Events

5th poem for National Poetry Month.
And a continued invitation to respond with your own lines or a piece you like.

Today's poem is a draft. I can't really know if I like a poem until I've left it alone for a while and returned to it. But the events in this poem are true, and happened today, so I thought I'd share it anyway. xo

Natural Events
By Edith Hope Bishop, Apr 2023

The full moon rose
almost two hours ago
or so they say.
Earlier, I caught a falling cherry blossom.
I didn’t mean to.
It just landed in my hand
on its way down
and I held it for a while
unsure of what to do
or what it meant.
I told a friend,
“Look, I caught a blossom,”
so she caught one too,
and so did her friend,
and so on.
I dropped my blossom to watch it float
and land face down on the lawn.
Then this one lady tried to catch
her own flower,
but they quit falling.
She just stood there,
The full moon rose
about two hours ago
but I’m still upset.
The trees should have been more generous.
I should have given her my flower.
A moon in the sky
isn’t the same as a blossom in the hand.


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