A Pathetic Fallacy

Day 15 (Late). I'm afraid yesterday was a bit too intense a travel day for a post. But here I am, back in business. I'm remembering that in 2015 I spent all of November trying to write a new (to me) kind of poem each day. Some of the forms were *hard* but I truly enjoyed the challenge. Here was my attempt at an English sonnet. That said, I've newly added syllables to lines 9 & 11. They aren't important for meaning, but I like the rhythm better when it's read aloud.

Fun tidbit: This isn't the only time I've written about a 'pathetic fallacy' In fact, I wrote an entire novel based on one. 

A Pathetic Fallacy
By Edith Hope Bishop, November 2015

Today I climb the rocks that line the shore,
And gaze on waves that ask and ask for you,
I think on what was lost, our love and more,
The future we won’t share, the life we knew.
The seagulls wail but I am deaf to them,
The dark and swell and weed and gloom abound,
The wind picks up, as iron clouds descend,
Tides rise to meet the rush of grey rain’s sound.
Oh, but I know how pathetic this fallacy,
I know you may roll your skeptical eyes,
Just allow me this ruin, this brief blatancy,
Project what I will on these storm-struck skies.
My grief is gentler when the heavens cry.
And for all we know, I may comfort the sky.


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