School Lessons on Loss

7th poem for National Poetry Month. This one is harder for me to part with. I've kept it close for almost 8 years now. But it's time. I'm dedicating this villanelle to Rita A. Collard, my beloved elementary school teacher, who continues to teach me so much about life, laughter, loss, and above all, love. I love you, Mrs. Collard.

I've so loved reading the poetry folks have gifted in response this week (mostly on FB). Please keep doing so. I've also loved seeing you responding to each other in my comments. Thank you so much.
School Lessons on Loss
By Edith Hope Bishop, Nov 2015
     Dedicated to Rita Collard

In autumn falls the gold and brown.
Wise Gingko and Brave Oak in turn
wither as the wheel goes round.

Children: do not fret or frown
to see Fair Maple blush and burn
though autumn falls the gold and brown

and silver rains with gentle sound.
Good Elm is well, this truth you’ll learn
though she fades as wheel goes round.

Summer’s death feeds fertile ground,
Stout Mushroom sprouts near Fancy Fern,
as autumn falls the gold and brown.

New life and warmth will soon be found.
Sweet Cherry needs no great concern
though she weeps as wheel goes round.

Children, dance and play and sing,
let games enact our earthly ring
     be unconcerned we all fall down
though Autumn sheds her gold and brown
we too must make the wheel go round.


Barbara said…
A pathetic attempt here, Edie --

Hope is. . .

A newborn baby, a wedding, the start of a journey, an unopened box,

sunshine, tiny green leaves, smiling faces, and your eyes.

an election, going without a mask, ordering strange food, Believing I will hold you close again.

Let's not call any attempt "pathetic"! I think there are some sweet images here and I'm delighted that you're playing along. One of my favorite books from childhood was something just like this- each page was a different metaphor for Hope. Remind me and I'll show it to you some time. =) (And I hope you're having fun in England!)
Barbara said…

I will remind you, Edie. Thanks. We are having a jolly good time:) and I hope that Hawaii is a wonderful break for the 4 of you!

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