The End

I missed Poem 21. There was a lot going on.
But here's a recent first draft. I'm pretty sure I'll revise this one, but there might be some potential here.
The End
By Edith Hope Bishop, April 2023

Does love end
or does it dull
falling quiet
as April rain
on rooftops
in the city
where No One
to feel it
on her face
and hands
and bare arms -
Does love end
or does it morph
into something
like recognition
or respect
without the
without hands
nesting together
and the warmth -
Does love end
or is it misunderstood
as something that
could ever have
a beginning or an end -
Can it exist outside
of our temporal containers
and instead
be something we feel
not felt
not yearned to feel
something here -
just here.


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