Current Crush

April 17 and poem #17.
I love personification. I just do.
Here's another recent first draft.
Love to all. Always.

Current Crush
By Edith Hope Bishop, April 2023

Peace won’t quit bugging me.
I’ve explained that I’d like her better
if she played hard to get -
I’m not that interested in
anyone too needy.
But Peace claims she isn’t needy;
she’s attentive.
And interested.
She’s into me and not ashamed of letting me know.
I’m flattered, I guess,
but how do I tell her I once had
a fling with Danger?
Would that kind of nonsense
put her off?
And would she still want me
once she got to know me-
you know, once she heard all my stories,
if she knew my real thoughts-
even the ones about longing?
Or what about my involvement with Despair?
I don’t know.
I don’t know.
I don’t always answer
when she calls.
I leave her on read sometimes
so as not to seem too excited.
But I still look for her when I’m out.
I still wonder what she’s up to when I’m home alone.
I still think of her, and only her, every time it rains.


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