Poetry Month

By Edith Hope Bishop, Aug 2017

Take a picture of this poem
if you love me.
Post a picture of this poem
to reply.
Read a picture of this poem, again,
to remember us, the way we could have been
or if you need more than remembering-
read this poem aloud.
Film yourself reading aloud
your picture of this poem
you found, and took, and shared.
Watch the video.
See how your lips move?
Notice these words
in your mouth-
from mine.
One kind of kiss.
This is proof of us.
We could be real.
Replay, repost, reveal us.
All for you, my love,
this, my heart, and more.

Hello loves,
Poetry is one of my favorite medicines and it's April, National Poetry Month. I need a little extra encouragement and connection these days so I'm going to do something I haven't done in a long time ... maybe ever? I'm going to attempt to post a poem a day. Here and on my blog. Some of them will be old pieces, and some will be new, and some may not even be my own.
All responses are welcome, but my challenge to you, (inspired by a similar challenge that Terri Windling once posted on her blog), is to respond with your own poetry. It can be a few lines, or a full piece, or something you dearly love by someone else. It can be inspired by what I've posted, or just something rattling around in your heart.

Poetry, music, stories, and art aren't always easy things to share. But they can be a beautiful way to share our humanity and allow vulnerability. They can prove our love for one another. They can certainly help heal. Thanks for playing along if you're interested and able. 



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